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Talent is the most important asset in any company, and the most successful leaders know it. I am a premeir “ONE STOP” SHOP for all your talent needs. we can offer you great variety and qualified professional service.

I started with my daughter. When she was just 3 years old, she managed to memorize the entire song “When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss. At the time, I was a bartender at the Karaoke bar I grew up going to with my parents/family. As a single mother, I had to take her with me most places & work was one of them. I was blessed to be a close family friend, giving me the benefit to bring my daughter to work. Though some may see that as bad parenting, at the time, I did what I had to, and I’m SO glad I did. So is she. I was also Modeling at this point for about 8 years. My mother did what most single mothers do with a child they feel is so photogenic, get suckered into signing their child up with a promise to make their child a star if they waist a crap load of money on classes that could be taught by the parents themselves or the right influences in the child’s life. So, as I got further into my modeling career, of course maturing, I realizing I wanted to make a difference in the entertainment industry. I wanted to start a talent agency that helped ALL aspiring artist inquiring for the 1st time or even established artist that were still hungry to learn and network, offering them my knowledge, experience & connections at no cost. The only time I profited, was when the artist profited exponentially. I still aspire to travel the world connecting, sharing & educating entrepreneurs, hungry & driven to stop at nothing to make their dream come true. In this venture of my 1st business, I took on the challenge of supporting, training, investing & managing my daughter as my 1st talent to represent. As of date 11/01/2016, she is in 2nd year college on a scholarship at McNally University for Performing Arts. She has continued her passion for singing and has accomplished many feats:

  • Being accepted into choir at the age of 5 & the years to follow at every school transitioned into.
  • Passing auditions to attend Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts for her High School Years.
  • Nominated a participant at America’s Got Talent @ Age 14, making top 10 in her division.
  • Opening act for Las Vegas Headliner @ Stratosphere, Frankie Moreno
  • Graduating with a Scholarship to McNally University for Performing Arts.
  • Starring in her 1st music video, "Don't Know How by Maejoy Dotdot".
  • Created her 1st SoundCloud account successfully building herself a following of strong, loyal & motivating supporters & followers.
  • At 16 years old, a cover of Price Tag, Chasing Pavements & Beautiful Creation… currently 22.6K hits.
  • Created her own Social Media pages, successfully building herself a following of strong, loyal & motivating supporters & followers: Facebook Twitter YouTube YouTube2
  • Her Duo Band with best friend Chanel, created & are successfully booking performances locally around St. Paul, MN. facebook Twitter
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